Blessings for the Fast Paced & Cyberspaced

Contemporary Celtic Prayer BookParables, Reflections and Prayers

The increasingly frenetic pace of our cyberworld compels us to cultivate a spirituality of technology and that spirituality needs to place us squarely on a blessing path. This book helps us hold an awareness that whatever direction we take, whether on the information highway or a busy freeway, we carry a blessing with us.

This book has built in opportunities to reflect on and savor our varied blessings. It invites us and enables us to slow down enough to be nourished by the holy dark and by the wisdom of the Celtic, Native American and Jewish berakhah blessing paths, even by Feng Shui and the findings of modern physics. It helps us to see ourselves as pilgrims walking on sacred ground in the midst of our busyness and to pray on the way to deadlines.

"This book is an absolute joy, a gifted piece of writing, filled with treasures. The stories, wise insights and blessings galore will inspire you and nudge you to find deeper meaning and joy in your life. Don't miss this book or you will miss a significant blessing."
Joyce Rupp, Author of Out of the Ordinary and many other titles

"If you need a lift, be sure to read this book. It communicates a quiet joy and whispered wisdom."
Fr. Val J. Peter, Past Executive Director Boys Town USA

Foreward by Susan Lamb-Bean, Writer and educator with many published titles.

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